Wednesday, April 4, 2012

CSM7 off and running!

Well CSM7 has officially taken office as of today. We’ve spent the last week or so getting to know each other and the CCP Devs in the Skype chat and I can honestly say that we have a pretty good crew here to work with. I’m generally a pretty sarcastic and laid back guy and they haven’t told me to go away yet so I guess that’s a good thing.

The main focus that we’ve been working on is figuring out who our officers for CSM7 will be. We have to vote on a new chairman because, heh, 10,058 votes.

The breakdown goes like this:

Chairman - Seleene
Vice Chairman - Trebor Daehdoow
Secretary – Two Step
Vice Secretary – Hans Jagerblitzen

You can see the statement we released about the votes, here:

Going forward over the next year I’m hopeful and excited that we’ll be able to accomplish the majority of our agenda. We’ve been really getting along with the CCPers in the Skype chat and it’s been mostly a friendly and open atmosphere for discussion (and dick jokes).

I’ve been working on my skills as a graphics/typography dude and been trying to come up with a decent logo type thing for the CSM7. The one that has gotten the best feedback so far has been.

Also, if you don’t support this Lego Rifter I hate you. We really need this to get over 10k supporters so that Lego and CCP can work together to make some deliciously sweet Rifter magic.

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